Because they have a unique style
You can immediately recognize a vintage jewel. Colored stones, contrasting mixtures and especially matching patterns. The style is clearly inimitable! From the purest Art Deco style to the very seventies, there is something for everyone’s taste.

Because they last
The proof, they are still there. Vintage jewelry is often quality jewelry. Whether they are made of gold, silver, brass, gold-plated, they all testify to a know-how and perennial materials. They do not move despite the passage of time!

Because they are rare
Ancient is unique. Nobody else will be able to wear the same jewel as you (or almost)! Vintage jewelry has often not been mass-produced. At the time the unique piece was possible and accessible. This exclusivity reaffirms the “treasure hunt” side of vintage jewelry.

Because they inspire today’s creators
The creators of our time do very lovely things. Often, we discover afterwards that the creator draws his inspiration from an ancient era. Sometimes it is a question of very small details, or then clearly of an influence, a style: Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Middle Ages…