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Summer Time!

We will regularly put one of our products in the spotlight! This summer is the season of the ring watch! What's better than gold color and brilliants to bring out the tan!? The ring is not your cup of tea, why not take a trip back in time ? Have a look at the...

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Four reasons to love vintage jewelry

Because they have a unique style You can immediately recognize a vintage jewel. Colored stones, contrasting mixtures and especially matching patterns. The style is clearly inimitable! From the purest Art Deco style to the very seventies, there is something for...

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How to take good care of your watches

Henri Berney always says a watch has to be worn. It is a daily partner that needs some maintenance. Our advice is to avoid any kind of bumps. Excessive humidity isn’t doing any good, which is why you shouldn’t wear your watch in a damp environment such as a hammam....

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Launch of Berney watch website

The Covid has shaken up a lot of things! Berney watch took this period as an opportunity to develop its new website! If you are reading this news, it's because you spend time to discover it. We thank you for that and hope you enjoyed it! A special thanks to Morane,...

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